School's out.

Hey kids.

I've just finished writing my final paper for the community college course I was taking. Not a big deal to many, but a huge deal to me. I hadn't written a college paper in about 20 years, and found it refreshing to activate parts of my brain that hadn't been utilized in about as long. I've always enjoyed playing with language though that might not be obvious when considering how I speak.

Now I have a little time to finish up my Mom's cruiser bike, and get everything ready for the second annual bike parts swap meet. I've got a lot of stuff to sell, but it's really a lot like breathing... out goes the old, in comes the new. It should be interesting to see what kind of garbage I bring home from the swap.

Also worth mentioning the eclipse. Erie is supposed to be one of the prime viewing locations, and the local hype is becoming quite tiring. The media outlets are predicting we'll get an influx of tens of thousands of visitors for the event. This of course, has locals lathering up all sorts of price gouging schemes... as one might expect small town mentalities to do at the thought of making a quick buck. I thought I'd get a pair of the cheap-o viewing glasses (similar to 3D glasses from my youth) and tape the shaded lens over my camera. See if I can't make a video of how this affects the city.

Well... it's Easter Sunday, and I don't have anything planned - so I hope to get something  up on the YouTube channel today.

All the best from Lake Erie.

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