Three Speed Love Affair

Three Speed Love Affair

I don't know why I am enamored with three speed hubs, specifically the Sturmey Archer variety. I have six of them - two are on bikes that are mostly ride-able, one has a drum brake built in but it's not laced to a hoop, another I rebuilt is also not laced to anything, one is for my Raleigh Sooooo-purbe, and the last one has a coaster brake. The coaster is to be laced up for a Raleigh beach cruiser. I even have the spokes!

They seem to enjoy a cult like status in my brain... like they are some sort of magic bullet drive train. I love that everything is enclosed, safe from road grime, and the elements. No derailer hanger to fuss with, and all of the other things I've read about why they are so great.

The aesthetics don't hurt either. Kind of like a shiny soup can, but it's friggin' engraved! It makes it seem as though there's some sort of ancient cycling wisdom in there that has long been forgotten, or a quality craftsmanship that can only be found inside a Sturmey Archer AW.

Perhaps my brain has turned to mush from the constant bombardment of marketing hype from all angles. It would seem that way considering that I don't think I've ever ridden a three speed bike in my life. And if I have, it must have been less than mind blowing 'cause I can't remember it at all.

Doesn't make any logical sense at all - but here we are.



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